Arizona Cardinals

How many Super Bowls have the Arizona Cardinals won?

Arizona has never won a Super Bowl. The 2008 Super Bowl loss was their closest call.

Why is it Arizona Cardinals and not Phoenix Cardinals?

Arizona Cardinals are one of five NFL clubs without a city name. Flashback: The club was called the Phoenix Cardinals when they moved to the Valley from St. Louis in 1988, but they never played in Phoenix.

Is Arizona Cardinals the oldest NFL team?

Arizona Cardinals
Arizona Cardinals

Phoenix-based Arizona Cardinals football squad. NFL’s oldest team is Cardinals (NFL),

What team is the Arizona Cardinals biggest rival?

Chicago Bears–Arizona Cardinals is an NFL rivalry.

Why do Cardinals fan their tails?

Pet birds have expressive tails too, like dogs. Tail flipping, wagging, and fanning indicate happiness and aggression, respectively.

Arizona Cardinals

Has Arizona won a Super Bowl?

The Cardinals, one of the oldest football teams, have struggled. They’ve only reached two NFC Championships and won once.

Did Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl?

Steelers beat Cardinals 27–23. Raymond James Stadium in Tampa hosted the game on February 1, 2009.

Who owns the Cardinals football team?

Arizona Cardinals
Arizona Cardinals

Michael Bidwill is the third-generation Cardinals owner and the second of five children.

Are the Arizona Cardinals out of the playoffs?

Cardinals lose Wild Card playoff to Rams 34-11.

What happens if Cardinals beat Rams?

The Cardinals would take a three-game lead and the tiebreaker over the Rams with a win.


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