Loona • Chuu • Blockberry Creative (1)

Why did Chuu get removed from LOONA?

Chuu was expelled from LOONA for reportedly abusing Blockberry Creative personnel.

Is Chuu a KPOP Idol?

South Korean singer and TV personality Kim Ji-woo (Korean: ; born October 20, 1999) goes by Chuu. She is in Loona and yyxy.

What drama was Chuu from LOONA?


Loona • Chuu • Blockberry Creative (2)

Chuu, Gyuri, and Seoham starred in Dating Class.

Is LOONA’s company broke?


BlockBerry Creative’s financial crisis, reported by a South Korean news source, could irreversibly damage LOONA’s chances of a recovery.

What is Chuu fandom name?


After Chuu Can Do It surpassed 100,000 subscribers in 2021, Chuu titled her solo fandom Chuukkumi, a pun on Jjukkumi (webfoot octopus).


What MBTI is Chuu from LOONA?

Conversation—LOONA Go Won—INTP Heejin—ENTJ Chuu—ENTP Yves—INFP INFP Vivi Yeojin-ENFP ENFP JinSoul ISFJ ESTJ Kim Lip Olivia Hye—ISTP Hyunjin—ESFP MBTI.

Loona • Chuu • Blockberry Creative (2)


Does Chuu LOONA have Instagram?

Chuu has an own Instagram account! Four years after her 2018 LOONA debut, Chuu opened her personal Instagram account on September 28.


Who is LOONA owned by?

Blockberry Creative is a 2016 South Korean record label. A Polaris Entertainment subsidiary. Loona and Sunye are labelmates.


Who invested in LOONA?


Loona has 1 investor. Loona’s Other Investors round included Pretiosum Ventures.


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