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Where is Kris Wu now?


WSJ: Chinese Pop Star Kris Wu Gets 13 Years for Rape.


Is Kris Wu rich?

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Kris Wu, a Canadian-Chinese actor and singer-songwriter, is worth $9 million. Kris Wu was born November 1990 in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.


Is Kris Wu from Hong Kong?


Wu was one of China’s biggest entertainers but is Canadian. Before focusing on China, he was famous as member of EXO’s Chinese-language branch.


Is Kris Wu still married?


Kris Wu: Did He Get Married? No, he’s still unmarried.


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Why did Kris Wu change his name?


Li Jiahéng became Wu Yifan for personal reasons. He moved to Vancouver with his mother aged ten. At 15, he returned to China and briefly attended Guangzhou No. 7 Middle School.


How did Kris Wu get caught?


Wu was seized by police in July 2021 in Beijing after an internet outrage over sexual assault charges against him in China’s most high-profile #MeToo case. He was formally jailed on suspicion of rape in August last year.


What part of Canada is Kris Wu from?


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Kris Wu

Wu, a Canadian citizen born in China, has starred in two of China’s highest-grossing films in the past seven years.


Who is married in EXO?


Chen married and had children first in EXO. K-pop fans are thrilled because young artists seldom publicise their dating status, let alone marriage and children.


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