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In Washington Elon Musk pushed a string of tweets on Friday that revealed Twitter executives wrestled with how to handle tweets about a story on Hunter Biden’s laptop while the firm tried to ban it.

Before the publication of what he dubbed “The Twitter files,” a lengthy Twitter thread by writer Matt Taibbi describing internal information that Musk reportedly supplied Taibbi, Musk, Twitter CEO, wrote: “This will be fantastic,”


Musk, who last month pushed his followers to support Republicans, appeared to push the information in an effort to reveal what he believes to be the political left’s hold on Big Tech.

To report on the story, Taibbi claimed he had to “agree to certain terms,” although he did not specify what they were. The majority of Taibbi’s reporting is based on screenshots of emails and other documents, but USA TODAY was unable to confirm their veracity. The White House chose not to respond.


Elon Musk's "
Elon Musk’s “

The emails centre on the discussion within Twitter over the propriety of blocking tweets promoting a 2020 New York Post article on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Sensitive material was supplied in The Post story, which at the time USA TODAY and other news organisations were unable to independently verify.

The report, according to Biden, his allies, and retired intelligence officials, was probably false material spread by Russia. However, even as federal authorities continued to investigate whether the emails were a part of such a campaign, then-Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe claimed the emails directed at the younger Biden were unrelated.

By preventing former Trump administration employees from tweeting about the post, according to Taibbi, the corporation was reprimanded for its conduct. While this was happening, representatives of Biden’s campaign complained certain posts to Twitter and asked that they be blocked.

After checking the purported tweets by the Biden campaign using open-access tools, USA TODAY discovered that they were either pornographic in nature or made references to Hunter Biden’s sexual behaviour.


What the documents reveal—and what they don’t—are as follows:

Election-related tweets from the Biden campaign were criticised

In the days leading up to the 2020 election, President Joe Biden’s campaign made requests to Twitter to take down tweets the campaign had highlighted, according to Taibbi’s article. Six links to tweets are present in an email from a Twitter employee dated October 24, 2020. The employee added, “More to review from the Biden team.” “Handled these,” another Twitter employee retorted.


The rest of Taibbi’s article continues, “Requests from both the Biden campaign and the White House of Donald Trump were received and honoured.” He doesn’t give any instances of the tweets that the Trump campaign reported to Twitter.

Google and Apple:

Tim Cook of Apple and Elon Musk claim to have discussed and “settled” the Twitter issue.

Do Google and Facebook block conservative content?

Trump and the Republicans’ wager that they will support the GOP base in 2022


Elon Musk's "
Elon Musk’s “

Taibbi claims that because Democrats make up the majority of Twitter’s staff, “this system wasn’t balanced.” He cited the Twitter team’s much higher contributions to Democrats’ campaigns compared to Republicans’ to support that claim.

It’s noteworthy that Taibbi’s research doesn’t show the Biden campaign pointing out the 2020 New York Post article that first made Hunter Biden’s laptop’s existence known.

“Caution is advised” Twitter discussed the New York Post article.

Elon Musk’s “

Twitter disabled the ability to communicate the story in direct messages, removed links to tweets that linked to it, and flagged them as “unsafe.” The Twitter team said that the material from Hunter Biden’s laptop violated its “hacked materials policy.”

But some Twitter users voiced their worries. Trenton Kennedy, a Twitter communications official, wrote in an email, “I’m failing to comprehend the policy rationale for designating this as hazardous.” Kennedy suggested that the business state that it is “waiting to understand” whether the New York Post article was produced using hacked data.


Elon Musk's "
Elon Musk’s “

Can we genuinely say that this is covered by the policy? Former global communications vice president Brandon Borrman enquired in an email. According to Jim Baker, Twitter’s deputy general counsel, “caution is necessary” because it is “logical to assume” that the information revealed in the story was compromised.

Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif., a Democratic congressman whose district includes Silicon Valley, contacted a senior Twitter official to express his worries that the decision to remove the item violated “1st Amendment principles.”

Analysts refer to it as “a Twitter circus act.”

Musk has been looking for a means to increase revenue since purchasing Twitter for $44 billion at the end of October.

Twitter has talked about alternative strategies to draw advertisers, like relaunching the short-form video platform Vine. In November, Twitter briefly offered verified checks through a $8 per month “Twitter Blue” subscription. Mass layoffs implemented by Musk have also decimated the staff.



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