Instant takeaways from the Commanders loss to the NY Giants (2)

Did the Giants cheat?

Today a specter hangs over the Giants’ miraculous 1951 season. Their incredible end-of-season heroics are now clouded. Though rumored at the time, it was not revealed as fact until a half-century later: The Giants had been stealing the opposing team’s catcher’s signs.

Commanders’ loss to the Giants: The stars and the duds

Commanders' loss to the Giants: The stars and the duds

Who just signed with the Giants?

Signed DT Jack Heflin to the practice squad. Placed OLB Elerson Smith on injured reserve. Signed DE Ryder Anderson. Signed WR Jaydon Mickens to the practice squad.

Did the NY Giants make any trades?

The New York Giants already made headlines on Thursday when they traded 2021 first-round pick Kadarius Toney to the Kansas City Chiefs

Can a 10 7 NFL team make the playoffs?

Most of the time you need to be at least 9–7 to be guaranteed a playoff spot, although many times teams can finish 9–7 or 10–6 and still miss out on the playoffs due to the strength of the conference and division.

Can a 7 9 teams to make playoffs?

2010 Seattle Seahawks, 7-9

Seattle made the postseason with a 7-9 (!) record during the regular season, finishing first in a down NFC West. Aside from the 1982 season that was shortened due to the players’ strike, this was the first time a team with a losing record made the playoffs

How often do 10 6 teams make the playoffs?

Since the NFL realigned into eight four-team divisions in 2002, 30 of 35 teams (85.7 percent) that have finished with 10-6 records have made the playoffs. Among non-division winners, 14 of 19 teams (73.7 percent) that went 10-6 qualified for the postseason

Commanders’ loss to the Giants: The stars and the duds

Commanders' loss to the Giants: The stars and the duds

Who was the greatest Giants QB of all-time?

The NY Giants have a rich, illustrious history at the quarterback position – and Eli Manning stands above them all. Perhaps the most beloved player in franchise history, Manning represented the phrase Giants Pride. He led the team on two legendary Super Bowl runs – crowned Super Bowl MVP both times.

Who is the Giants all-time leading scorer?

Pete Gogolak

All-Time Leading Scorer: Pete Gogolak, 646 points (1966-1974). First Home Field: New York’s Polo Grounds, 1925-1955.

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