Clemson's CFP hopes (2)

How many times has Clemson beat Carolina?

Clemson’s 72 wins over South Carolina are the most, and Carolina’s 42 wins are third after Georgia’s 43 and Georgia Tech’s 50.


Is Clemson out of the playoffs?

For the first time since the format started in 2014, the Tigers will miss the playoffs again. 2016 and 2018 national champions.


Is Clemson College a d1 school?

Clemson Tigers play in the NCAA Division I Atlantic Coast Conference and love orange.

Clemson's CFP hopes (4)
South Carolina


Who is Clemson University’s biggest rival?

Clemson’s in-state rival is South Carolina. Football is the most popular sport amongst the two schools. Georgia Tech and Florida State are Clemson’s biggest ACC opponents.


Who is South Carolina’s biggest rival?

In 1896, the Gamecocks defeated Clemson 12-6 to start the rivalry.


What is Clemson SC known for?

Clemson, between Lake Hartwell and the Blue Ridge Mountains, is one of the state’s most beautiful communities. Clemson has Clemson University, Clemson Blue Cheese, the state botanical garden, and many historic places.

Clemson's CFP hopes (1)
Clemson’s CFP hopes


South Carolina

What NFL team is closest to Clemson?

South Carolina, Clemson Tigers, North Carolina Tar Heels, and Carolina Panthers.


Did Clemson reach the SEC?

In light of the additions of Oklahoma and Texas, Clemson refutes the rumour that it has discussed joining the SEC.


Who won Clemson or USC?

Not South Carolina or Gamecocks quarterback Spencer Rattler. South Carolina defeated No. 7 Clemson 31-30 on Saturday, ruining another College Football Playoff contender’s title hopes.

Clemson's CFP hopes (3)
Clemson’s CFP hopes

Is Clemson a Big 10 school?

Clemson faces Big Ten membership hurdles. The Big Ten requires research universities to be members of the American Association of Universities until now. Nebraska is the sole Big Ten exemption.


Is Clemson a prestigious university?

In the 2023 U.S. News & World Report annual rankings, Clemson was again South Carolina’s top public university.


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