Bell & Ross

Is Bell & Ross a luxury brand?

Bell & Ross is a Paris-based luxury watch brand. They were established with the goal of producing technical watches for military personnel. Each timepiece is handcrafted in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, and is inspired by the history of aviation.

What happened to Bell and Ross?

The company’s watches were originally manufactured by Sinn in Germany, but the partnership was dissolved in 2002, shortly after Chanel became a minority shareholder, and production was relocated to Switzerland.

Is Bell and Ross owned by Chanel?

Bell & Ross
Bell & Ross

Aside from Bell & Ross, Chanel also owns F.P. Journe and Romain Gauthier, two independent watchmakers.

Is Bell good with Ross?

Bell and Ross watches are known for their unique design as well as their impeccable detailing. Bell and Ross watches are among the best men’s watches, and for good reason.

What is special about a Bell and Ross watch?

Bell & Ross watches today adhere to four design principles: highly accurate mechanical movements, maximum water resistance, clear and legible visual indicators, and specific design purposes.

Bell & Ross

Is Bell and Ross Swiss made?

Bell & Ross
Bell & Ross

Each Bell & Ross timepiece is designed, assembled, and fine-tuned in Switzerland, at the La Chaux-de-Fonds production facility.

Do Bell and Ross make their own movements?

The Bell & Ross BR-X5 series, which joins the catalogue as a more advanced and premium version of the brand’s popular BR 05 sports watch, takes things up a notch with a new multi-component case structure and an exclusive Kenissi-manufactured movement.

Who owns Bell & Ross watches?

Bruno Belamich is the “Bell” in the brand’s name and the watch designer, while Carlos Rosillo is the “Ross” and the company’s operational head. These two young men shared a vision of watches that were both functional and tough.


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