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One of Elvis Presley’s personal aircraft is up for auction.


According to Mecum Auctions, the King of Rock and Roll paid $840,000 for the jet on December 22, 1976.

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¬†Elvis Presley’s $840,000 plush


A copy of the signed aircraft security contract and the aircraft bill of sale papers will also be given to the highest bidder.


The outside is crimson with silver details, while the interior has red velvet bespoke upholstery and gold finish hardware.


Onboard amenities include a Kenmore microwave, a TV with a VCR, and a cassette player.


Window coverings and wood cabin panelling are further characteristics.


Nine people can board the aircraft at a time.


Six passenger chairs, each with swivel and recline options, are available. Additionally, it has an onboard bathroom with a vanity.

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Elvis Presley’s $840,000 plush


The auction website specifies that the aircraft will need to be disassembled for shipping.


According to the listing, “for decades, Lockheed’s JetStar was the executive jet of choice for numerous A-listers, renowned dignitaries, and star-studded celebrities.”


The aircraft is one of many private planes Elvis Presley had; two are currently on exhibit at Graceland. It is one of 202 JetStar aircraft made by Lockheed Martin, a company that produces aerospace, weapons, military, information security, and technology.


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Elvis Presley’s $840,000 plush


He sold the jet months before Presley passed away. Later, it was acquired by a Saudi Arabian business.


The auction description continues, “The JetStar was then relocated to Roswell International Air Center (ROW) in Roswell, New Mexico, where it’s been kept for decades and still lives today.”


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