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What happen to Athena Strand?

Athena Strand, 7, turned into found lifeless Friday near her Texas home after she became kidnapped Wednesday, officials said. A driving force working for FedEx was arrested and charged Friday in the kidnapping and killing of a 7-yrantique female who had disappeared from her domestic‘s driveway in Texas earlier this week, police stated.

id they find Athena Strand?

NBCUniversal, Inc. clever County officials st a presser Friday nighttime the body of missing 7-yearvintage Athena Strand turned into found

When did Athena Strand go missing?

The 7-yrantique become first mentioned missing frated inom her father’s home on Nov. 30. At about eight:00 p.m. on Dec. 2, 2022, Sheriff Lane Akin stated her body was observed about nine miles far from her domestic, southeast of Boyd

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Athena Strand (1)

Where did Athena Strand live?

smart County Sheriff Lane Akin confirmed that 7-12 monthsold Athena Strand’s frame changed into found Friday afternoon six miles from her domestic in Boyd, Texas.

Who was the FedEx driver that dumped the packages in the ravine?

An ex-agreement driving force for FedEx can be arrested Friday afternoon after he admitted to dumping masses of packages in an east Alabama ravine past due final month. Blount County Sheriff Mark Moon announced round three p.m. Friday the previous motive force has been recognized as 22-yearold Deandre Rayshaun Charleston, of Adamsville.

Is Escape to Athena a true story?

get away to Athena informed the fictional tale of a German-occupied Greek island in international warfare II, starring Roger Moore as a German officer, foremost Otto Hecht. The film acted as a comedic actionjourney set in the stunning vistas of Greece.

Why did FedEx pick Memphis?

Athena Strand

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Athena Strand (1)

Smith preferred Memphis for a gaggle of motives. First, and maybe most critical, it changed into his homeland. 2nd, the airport had desirable climate. And 1/3, it changed into inside the vital Time areawhich means that without moving to the East Coast, FedEx could purchase an additional hour and nonetheless be close to maximum of the country‘s foremost markets.


Is escape from Warsaw a true story?

escape From Warsaw is a real story of braveness, survival and bravery set towards the backdrop of the horrors of WWII.


How did Athena story end?

In God of war II, she wants to stop Kratos from angering the Gods, and forestall him from killing Zeus as revenge. She returns on the give up of the sport, being killed by Kratos on accident.

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Athena Strand (1)


Who did Athena fear?

In mythology, she is immensely powerful and immortal, but inside the Odyssey the tale of her contest with Poseidon well-knownshows her simplest fear. that is the concern of being defeated. exact answer: Athena, the champion of the gods, the goddess of knowledge, is considered one of most powerfull girls within the Odyssey.





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