As the Kansas City Chiefs enter the streets f (4)

After winning the Super Bowl on Sunday, the Chiefs extended their celebrations on Wednesday with a procession through Kansas City’s streets and a rally where two-time MVP Patrick Mahomes told the fans he planned to see them in the same location the next year.

At the rally, Mahomes, who was chosen MVP for both the NFL regular season and the Super Bowl, praised the Chiefs supporters and predicted more significant victories in the future.

“This is only the start. Mahomes informed the large audience gathered in front of Union Station, “We ain’t done yet. I’ll make sure to hit you guys again the following year, and I’m hoping for the same audience.

For the Chiefs’ most recent championship, It was anticipated that between 800,000 and 1 million supporters will line the streets to cheer in 2020, and early signs suggested that estimate would likely be met.

Although though the parade started at noon local time, some spectators had been standing at the side of the road since 6 a.m. CT to have a good view of it.

The Chiefs’ squad buses drove through the streets in a line as the festivities got off to a relatively planned start. But as soon as the players got off to celebrate with the crowd, the buses split apart.

While others handed out beers to ecstatic fans, some snapped photographs, signed autographs, and gave out embraces. Once more energising the fans, exuberant tight end and hype man Travis Kelce declared: “Chiefs kingdom, we do this for you. And we adore each and every time you cause Arrowhead Stadium to tremble.

He praised the fans, his teammates, and the Chiefs organisation, calling it the best season of his life.

It’s been a dynasty, he remarked, referring to the team’s three Super Bowl trips in five seasons and two championships.

Quarterback holds a cold beverage in one hand and the MVP award in the other.

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With Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles announcing in what was starting to sound like a theme, free beer Fans would enjoy free Bud Light at a bar before to the procession, if they were at least 21 years old.

A select few fortunate spectators even had the opportunity to touch the renowned Vince Lombardi Trophy as Chiefs defensive tackle Derrick Nnadi carried it over to where they were positioned.

As the Kansas City Chiefs enter the streets f (2)

When Mahomes, who was on the bus with a WWE World Championship belt, and Kelce, who was escorted by his now-famous mother Donna, passed by offering high fives, fans erupted into a frenzy.

Mahomes in particular appeared to be having a great time as he danced in the back of the bus while holding his MVP trophy and a beer in each hand.

Trey Smith wore a shirt that read “0 sacks,” while Orlando Brown Jr. wore one that read “0 sacks, put it on a f****** t-shirt.” The Chiefs offensive line even had special t-shirts manufactured for the occasion.


It was obviously a matter of immense pride to keep Mahomes, who was dealing with an ankle sprain, from being sacked in the Super Bowl.

Twitter fights

JuJu Smith-Schuster of the Kansas City Chiefs was still upsetting the Eagles the day before the parade.

As the Kansas City Chiefs enter the streets f (3)

Smith-Schuster sent on Twitter a fake Valentine’s Day card with the image of Philadelphia’s With the caption “I’ll hug you when it counts most,” James Bradberry

The ironic tweet made reference to the contentious holding call that Bradberry received for yanking on Smith-jersey Schuster’s late in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Due to the penalty, the Chiefs were able to finish the game and kick the game-winning field goal.

AJ Brown, a wide receiver with the Eagles, wasn’t really impressed by Smith-post. Schuster’s

First of all, congrats,” he tweeted in response. “You guys merit it. It’s ridiculous. Before Mahomes revived your career on your 1-year contract, you were on your way out of the league, Tik-Tok youngster. He acknowledged that he grabbed you, but you don’t act as though you ever have or ever will. So again, congratulations!

Brown’s The phrase “Tik Tok boy” sparked outrage among Twitter users because it alluded to Smith-propensity Schuster’s for doing dancing moves made popular by the social media app while playing football.

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