Artemis splashdown (1)

Where will Artemis splash down?

In 2025 or 2026, Artemis 3 will land near the moon’s south pole. Future Artemis missions will create a research outpost in this water-ice-rich region. This outpost should be operational by the end of the 2020s.

What time is Artemis splashdown today?

Splashdown commences at 12:40 ET and streaming ends at 2:53 ET. Orion’s mission lasted 25 days.

Will Artemis 1 return to Earth?

Artemis splashdown (1)
Artemis splashdown


Sunday marked the end of NASA’s 25-day, 1.4-million-mile Artemis 1 moon mission. It hit the upper atmosphere at 24,000 mph and experienced a 5,000-degree re-entry inferno before splashing down in the Pacific Ocean.

Has Artemis splashed down yet?

Artemis I moon mission highlights. The Orion spacecraft splashed down in the Pacific Ocean Sunday following a successful test flight without a crew.

Will Artemis 2 go to the moon?


Artemis splashdown

First crewed Moon trip in 50 years. The first crewed mission to the Moon since 1972 will include a Canadian astronaut.

Where is the Artemis project going?

the Moon

First crewed moon mission in 50 years. Artemis II will be the first crewed trip to the Moon since 1972.Where is the Artemis project going?

the Moon

Artemis-NASA. NASA will place the first woman and first person of colour on the Moon utilising Artemis missions and breakthrough technologies. We’ll establish the first long-term Moon presence with commercial and international partners.

Is the Artemis program on schedule?

Launch in May 2024. Artemis 3 (2025) will land on the moon. Before launching SLS/Orion, a support mission must position a Human Landing System (HLS) in a lunar halo orbit.

Will Artemis 1 have people?

Artemis 1 will not have a crewWill humans be Artemis 1?


Artemis splashdown (2)
Artemis splashdown

Artemis I is the first in a series of increasingly complex missions that will enable human exploration to the Moon and Mars.

Will Artemis 1 go to the Moon?

Artemis 1’s journey will take it 450,000km to the Moon, where it will orbit 400km above the lunar surface, before continuing approximately 64,373 km beyond into deep space. After a mission length of 25.5 days, the module will splash down in the Pacific Ocean near California on 11 December.

What will Artemis 5 do?

Artemis 5 (officially Artemis V) is the fifth planned mission and third crewed landing of NASA’s Artemis Program. The mission will launch four astronauts on a Space Launch System rocket and an Orion to the south pole of the Moon. In addition, Artemis V will also deliver two new elements to the Gateway Space Station



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