Is Studio Wildcard a AAA?

In 2014, Studio Wildcard was founded with the goal of bringing AAA quality to ambitious indie productions aimed at core gamers.

Why is Vin Diesel in ARK?

Diesel is an executive producer on the game, which will be available on Steam Early Access and as a console launch exclusive for Xbox Series X/S in 2023. The companion show, ARK: The Animated Series, is currently in post-production with fourteen 30-minute episodes.

How much money has wild card made from ark?

Exclusive data from Studio Wildcard revealed to that over 400,000 units have already been sold at $25 each, generating over $10 million in revenue. So far, the game has had a peak concurrent user count of 64,411.


Who is Studio Wildcard owned by?

Jeremy Stieglitz and Jesse Rapczak, industry veterans, founded Studio Wildcard in 2014 with the goal of bringing AAA quality to ambitious indie productions aimed at core gamers.

Was Ark 2 canceled?


The game was scheduled to be released in 2022, but Studio Wildcard has confirmed that it will be delayed until 2023 in order to upgrade and fully utilise the Unreal 5 engine. Furthermore, the company intends to implement a revolutionary new mod support system that will also be available to console players.

Why is Ark 2 not on PlayStation?


According to Microsoft’s website, Ark 2 will be a console launch exclusive for the Xbox Series X/S. This means that PlayStation 5 players will be unable to play for an extended period of time. Depending on the deal, this could be as short as three months or as long as a year.

How big is Studio Wildcard?

Explore a vast 144 square kilometre environment where elements from The Island, Scorched Earth, and all new biomes are combined to provide the ultimate survivor experience.

Does Ark have a movie?

Ark is a 2003 animated science fiction film directed by Subro Adonis and animated by Digital Rim. It is the director’s and the studio’s flagship project.


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