Andrea Bocelli - You'll Never Walk Alone (3)

Andrea Bocelli – You’ll Never Walk Alone

Is Bocelli fully blind?

Congenital glaucoma affected Bocelli from an early age. At age six, he started taking piano lessons. Later, he picked up the flute and saxophone. After a soccer accident left him with a brain bleed at the age of 12, he become completely blind.

How did Bocelli go blind?

Andrea Bocelli - You'll Never Walk Alone (1)
Andrea Bocelli

Early glaucoma diagnosis and tragic blindness caused by a football accident when Andrea Bocelli was only 12 years old.

Is Andrea Bocelli touring Australia 2022?

The renowned Tuscan tenor ANDREA BOCELLI, one of the biggest classical stars in the world, will make a triumphant return to Australian stages this October/November for a 5-city national tour, according to TEG VAN EGMOND.

What is the dress code for an Andrea Bocelli concert?

Men should wear a suit and tie to an event at a location such to a symphony, while women should dress for the occasion. But formal clothing is not necessary.

Why did Andrea Bocelli’s first marriage fail?

When did Cenzatti and Bocelli divorce? In 2002, the couple got a divorce. The legal action was started by Cenzatti, who claimed that their differing lifestyles were the cause.

How long has andrea been blind?

Andrea Bocelli is one of the greatest singers in the world today. He was born in Lajatico, Italy, in 1958. Due to congenital glaucoma and a head injury sustained while tending goal during a soccer game, he has been legally blind since the age of 12 years old.

How much are Bocelli Australia 2022 tickets?

Andrea Bocelli - You'll Never Walk Alone (2)
Andrea Bocelli


Tickets have a face value that ranges from $131.40 to $509.25. Mario Bocelli Melbourne, November 2, 2022 Tickets. In eight years, Andrea Bocelli has announced his first visit in Australia.

How long do Bocelli concerts last?

However, you may anticipate Bocelli concerts to linger for roughly 90 minutes even without accompanying performers. At his concerts, the pop music legend is renowned for singing more than 20 songs.

Did Andrea Bocelli sing at Kardashian wedding?

Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley was performed by Andrea Bocelli.

Who is touring with Andrea Bocelli in 2022?

Event is over. The son of Andrea Bocelli, Matteo Bocelli, will be a special guest on the tour with his father! Andrea Bocelli, the most adored tenor in the world, will visit Liverpool in September 2022.


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