Eureka Lemon

The Eureka variety of lemon, which is a relative of the Italian Lunario lemon, was developed in Los Angeles, California, in 1858. Thomas Garey presented it to the general public in 1877. The lemons have a huge, elongated shape, a bright yellow exterior, and a rind that is rich in aromatic essential oils.


Jonathan Apples

The apple variety Jonathan is thought to have started in Woodstock, New York around 1826. Many other apple kinds, including the Jonagold, Jonafree, and Jonadab, are descended from this one. The medium-sized apples have a thin red skin with flushes of yellow or green.


Black Mission Figs

Fig types known as mission figs were first grown in San Diego by Franciscan missionaries in 1768, thus earning them the nickname Franciscan. They are also known as black Mission figs because of their dark skin.



Cosmic Crisp

Experts refer to Cosmic Crisp, an American apple variety, as WA 38. It is a hybrid between Enterprise and Honeycrisp. The apples, which are grown in orchards in Washington State, are huge, red, crisp, juicy, acidic, and sweet.


Idared Apples

An apple variety called Idared was created in Idaho. Between the Jonathan and Wagener breeds were crossed to create it. The medium-sized apples have a vivid crimson and green-red tint. The flavours are sweet, tangy, fragrant, and refreshing, and the flesh is juicy, crisp, and firm.


Florida Oranges

Since the middle of the 19th century, oranges have been grown for commercial purposes in Florida groves and are a significant component of the state’s identity. The first orange tree in St. Augustine is thought to have been planted in the sixteenth century by the Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon.


Honeycrisp Apples

Native to America, Honeycrisp apples were developed at the University of Minnesota. They serve as the official fruit of the state. The apples weren’t bred for simple growth, storing, or transporting; they were just selected for their sweetness. They have a crisp, juicy texture and a well-balanced sweet-tart flavour.





Tangelo is an evergreen tree with thick foliage that was developed in 1897 as a hybrid between the Mandarin orange or tangerine and either the pomelo or the grapefruit in Florida and southern California. It is now grown in tropical and subtropical regions.


Golden Delicious Apples

The apple cultivar known as Golden Delicious is thought to be the result of accidental cross-breeding between Grimes Golden and Golden Reinette. It has no connection to the Red Delicious. The first tree was found in West Virginia at the end of the 19th century, and since 1995, it has served as the state fruit.


Red Delicious

Since Jesse Hiatt found the Red Delicious apple variety in Iowa in 1880, it has become one of the most popular apple kinds in the world. Prior to the introduction of Golden Delicious, the apples were initially known as Hawkeye, then Stark Delicious, and only then were they given the new moniker Red Delicious.


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